We are a Québec-based game studio passionate about mobile interactive entertainement. We have released 4 titles that are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For all inquiries contact the team at bonjour@molecube.ca and interact with us on Twitter and Facebook.

It's the Epic Meal Time mobile game! Score points by flinging delicious greasy food at the Sauce Boss and throw veggies away from him, too many veggies=gameover. Use power ups to slow time, be immune to veggies and more. Unlock new hats with different buffs, new foods, extra lives, new backgrounds and plenty more stuff.

Take this gassy gentleman on a crazy journey including beans and outhouses. Pull his suspenders, aim for the loots and fart your way through all the amazing levels. You will quickly enjoy and master its VERY INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY. Collect STARS to unlock new worlds and levels. Justin Mac fart is truly a wind of change.

Monsieur Monsieur is an exciting platformer made expressly for iOs. Its pull and aim gameplay fits naturally for all iOs devices touch screens and everyone can rapidly become a mustache flinging expert. Explore every nooks and crannies of Monsieur Monsieur’s levels to find all bonuses and secret warp gramophones. Brag your high scores with your friends on GameCenter and unlock plenty of achievements.

Itʼs time to take out the trash! Clean the bin from tons of filthy garbage with the help of the mighty Binja. Have a blast whether you use your wits to battle against time in Lotus Mode or survive endless waves of debris in Mayhem Mode. Binja features rich and attractive graphics, online bragging with Game Center, touch-based puzzling and hours of fun.

David Wehmeyer
Art Wizard
Jean-Daniel Tanguay
Philip Landry
Art Wrangler

Simon Roof
Game designer
Jean-Nicolas Demers

If you need to contact, praise or criticize us, do not hesitate to reach us using the form on your left or by one of the following methods below. Have a nice day!